The American National Socialist Party is currently under pre-party formation.

The peoples’ of Europe have bridged the particulars of their old countries and realized the collective European identity which is ultimately the lifeblood of the United States of America. However, this super-national identity both as a simple reality and as the assumed identity of the United States has long been under attack and undermined by internationalist opposition. With the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, this attack has accelerated. Two years later the arguable founder of American National Socialism, George Lincoln Rockwell, was assassinated. Following this tragic affair, the ideal has rested in the hands of clowns and madmen. There is only one acceptable response to such an issue: “It is time for the dissolution of such putrid disorder!” How can this situation be expected to improve if those who consider themselves to be National Socialists are not willing to reclaim the torch that Rockwell held? We must reclaim it, reawakening the expectations of the ideal so that there may exist an example of the ideal once again! Therefore, whatever the cost, we must band together to birth a new American National Socialist Party. The role of this party being central to the struggle against materialistic and internationalist/globalist forces which seek to degenerate, dominate, and control our homeland and all the world.