I. Party Chairman – The leader of the American National Socialist Party who is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • The general direction of the organization.
  • Managing the structure of the organization.
  • Authorizing official documents and action to be committed by the whole of the organization.
  • Appointing officers within the organization.

II. Deputy-Chairman – A necessary functionary who assists the Party Chairman as an adviser, assumes the duties of the Chairman when deemed necessary by the Chairman, and various other tasks.

III. Directorate – The central body of individuals in the A.N.S.P. who manage the primary organs of the Party. These positions fall into the following categories:

  1. Party Offices: Encompassing specific areas of administrative and political work, Party Offices are intended to be effective forms of organization to produce beneficial effects in the maintenance and growth of the Party.
  2. Party Organizations: Associations of Party Membership which provide a community surrounding areas of a specific nature (Ex. Students, protection, etc.).
  3. Regional Offices: A geographic category of Party organization, the following list covers nine regions that are recognized by the Party: North East Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, South East Atlantic, North-East Midlands, North-West Midlands, South Midlands, North West, South Pacific, and South West. Each region shall be led by a regional office which ensures Party expectations throughout the entire country. Regional Offices also must represent their area, working for their specific interests.
  4. Appointed Individuals: Individuals who are of great benefit to the Party but do not work as the leadership of a Party Office, Party Organization, or Regional Office.

IV. State Offices – A geographical category of Party organization which is assumed from the fifty States currently within the United States of America.

V. Unit Offices – A geographical category of Party organization which operates within counties.

VI: General Membership – The standard core of the Party, general membership may be involved in organized events, fund-raising, etc. Those in the general membership have the opportunity to participate in various programs which are to be developed over time.